Etrusco Caraibico is a collaboration with the anthropologist and artist Emilio Berrocal which in this film spans an arc between fiction and documentary film. I supported the production with 2 tracks.

In the first track the question was made – what does it mean to go through a crisis and out of the crisis finding new ways? To be reborn, through the act of crisis – a motif that can be found in most cultures in initiation rituals, as well. The cave as a place of compression and rebirth. I tried to underline this moment musically.

The 2nd track accompanies sacred places of the Etruscans in Italy. My task here was to generate a kind of ritual music. For this track I chose the guimbri, a ritual instrument of the Gnawa in Morocco, as the main instrument. The monotony and repetition of the motifs, combined with overtone and throat singing as well as other sounds that I recorded (flutes, jew’s harp, etc.), as well as a continuous increase in the tempo curve, was, in my opinion, the most adequate way to imitate a kind of musically pictorial ritual parkour .