General Concepts

I compose music  for Theatre, Art Installation, Poetry, Dance, Photography, Painting and Video Art. Composing for me means:  a process of synaesthetic translation of the same universal expression: human art = the sine wave and his manifestations in nature itself.

I came to that conclusion, caused by the fact, that from an early age I grew up beeing confronted with different cultural viewpoints; in my case: east-germany, soviet union/russia and kasakhstan. Humans need orientation, so: the cultural relativity of my personal socialisation helped me to see the relativness in everything, trying to find the common links.

Primarly I´m a seeker, a digger, an observer, traveler,  in constant movement. I´m trying to find answers in art, nature, history, science, mysticism –  allways on a global scale with a long term perspective. I appreciate all cultural expressions our mankind and try to inspire my fellows with those ideas of universal relativism on all levels.

Music is the best way for me, how I can express feelings, thoughts, energy. Some years ago, I made a fieldwork in Marocco on the question of how music is connected to altered states of consciousness. The people there teached me a very clear concept of the role of music and the musician: Baraka.

The beneficent force that flows through everything, flows through you in the moment of music too. I see my role beeing a carrier/transmitter of Baraka for my folks and the enviroment I´m surrounded by. Its not about me. Its only about music.



  • My Setup (2017)

  • David Campesino Film & Photography
  • David Campesino Film & Photography
  • The Baltic Sea – Generative Art (2013)

  • Valle Libera/Umbria (2014)

  • Grassi Invites – Tattoo and Piercing (2017)

  • Grassi Invites – Tattoo and Piercing (2017)

  • Die Freispieler – Flucht zu Pferd (2017)


  1. Poetry - Poemi del deserto @Orvieto Nicola dal Falco/ArYstan (2015) 6:58
  2. Art Installation - The Wall in our Minds @Silent Green Berlin Nicolas Baernreuther/ ArYstan (Nov2015) 5:20
  3. Theater - Flucht zu Pferd - Felice @Projekttheater Dresden Die Freispieler ( 2017) Regie: Christiane Guhr 3:13
  4. Theater - Flucht zu Pferd - The Trip @Projekttheater Dresden Die Freispieler (Dresden 2017) Regie: Christiane Guhr 4:01
  5. Lecture Show - Kyrie Eleison @Seminario del Pensare Orvieto ArYstan/Emilio Berrocal/Andrea Brugnera (2016) 1:35

Exhibition Openings

Synaesthetic Performances

Some Projects

Flucht zu Pferd bis ans Ende der Stadt – Theatre – Dresden (2017)


Seminario del Pensare – Interdisciplinary Seminars – Orvieto (2014 – 2017)

VDJ Safy Sniper/Emilio Berrocal/Andrea Brugnera/Arystan

Grassi Invites #4 – Exhibition Opening Performance– Leipzig (2017)

Carolin Gerlach/Bettina Kletzsch/ArYstan

Mi ricordo un giardino in Marocco – Poetry – Orvieto (2015)

Nicola Dal Falco/ArYstan

The wall in our mind– Art Installation – Berlin (2015)

18591km/Nicolas Bärnreuther/ArYstan

The Baltic Sea – Generative Art – Rome/Berlin (2013)

Nadine Ethner/Michele Salvaneschi/ArYstan

Gnawa Bounce – Synesthetic Performance – Dresden (2011)

Arne Müller/Jan Bartholdt/ArYstan

Video excerpt