Global Beatz Loop System

It’s live, it’s unique and it’s created with a pure sense of freedom. Multi-instrumentalist ArYstan brings to you the whole world of music, synthesized into a single, intense yet energetic liveset that resonates deep within your soul. You won’t be able to resist his rhythms—a global mix infused with the infectious tempos of Trip Hop, Jazz, Ambient, Dub, Techno, Deep House and other World Beat music styles.

ArYstan creates and arranges his tracks with a loop machine, enhancing his sounds with beatboxing, trumpets, percussion and vocals, crafting a unique style that defines his performance. His global beatz sound is 100% live, 100%  beatbox sounds, 100% passion. His trumpet play, pulsating percussive rhythms and singing distinguish his musical performance. ArYstan presents a global beatz sound system that doesn´t need any records.

  1. Initiation (Release Teaser) - Complete Live Loop Set @ Valle Libera 13.5.17 (Meditative Fat Beatz) ArYstan 1:52
  2. Dougu Kalimba - Live Loop @ HNGR Berlin - 27.11.17 (Vocal Electro) ArYstan 2:28
  3. Adouwa - Live Loop @Montagscafe Dresden 4.2.17 (Chill Out Jazz) ArYstan 7:04
  4. AuouA - Live Loop @ BRN Dresden - (World Downtempo) ArYstan 1:50
  5. Vocal Live Loop Party Set @ Compilation 2017 (Jokes,Electro, Dub, Scat, Jazz) ArYstan 14:00
  6. Bouhala - Live Loop @ BRN 24.6.17 (World Electro) ArYstan 13:54
  7. La Rana Muta - Live Loop @ Montefiascone 26.7.16 (Hip Hop) ArYstan 0:48
  8. TAblaS - Percussion Live Loop @ Valle Libera 13.5.17 (World TechnO) ArYs 16:23
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