Kukulida House Project: Radio Feature Production

Within the vibrant community of Kukulida House, accommodating 17 individuals, diverse dynamics shape communal living.

Communal Dynamics:

How do decisions manifest within this varied tapestry? Is it chaos, meticulous order, structured plans, or spontaneous actions? Non-commercial open spaces in Kukulida foster collaboration, solidarity, idea exchange, boundless creativity, and spontaneity.

In-Depth Insights:

Our interviews span 16 dynamic years, exploring how residents shaped Kukulida’s trajectory. Themes of diversity, acceptance, and communal living intricacies offer insights beyond its walls. How does this diverse cohabitation thrive, and what lessons emerge from Kukulida’s embrace?

This collaborative effort unites past and present Kukulida e.V. residents, part of the Ausitzen Deluxe 2.0 Festival by Neustadt Art Kollektiv. Join our journey delving into the heart of Kukulida House. Discover symbiotic relationships, shared experiences, and collective wisdom thriving within.

Research / Editing / Music: Fede Menegatti and Arystan Petzold
Research 2015: Markus Pötter

3.6.21 at 8:30 p.m. on Coloradio Dresden
(FM 98.4 MHz and 99.3 MHz or on web radio).
Livestream on Coloradio: https://coloradio.org

  1. Radiofeature - Das Ewige Kukulida 56:19
  2. Interlude - Kuku_Hop 0:31
  3. Interlude - Bauen Bauen Bauen! 0:42
  4. Interlude - My Favourite Place - like! 0:33
  5. Interlude - Auszug Beatbox! 0:24
  6. Radio Feature - Das Ewige Kukulida (Interlude) 1:21
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Kukulida House Project: Radio Feature Production

The production, spanning May 2021, bridged Dresden (Fede Menegatti) and Orvieto (Arystan Petzold). Interviews were conducted via phone, WhatsApp, and in person in Dresden. Following three weeks of intensive work involving interviews, editing, and music recordings, the production concluded.

Crafted as a radio feature, the piece underwent a narrative evolution, comprising ten scenes, skillfully intertwining short cuts into a cohesive story. Humorous interludes, evident in the examples above, punctuated these scenes.