Workshops in Schools/Youth Centres

The project „Come As You Are“ by the Banda Internationale collective strengthens intercultural development and encourages children and young people to live together in a polycultural society. Our offers are primarily aimed at children and young people in Saxony with and without a migration history, to contribute to the reduction of prejudice and racism against people with a migration background and to strengthen the cohesion between long-established and immigrant citizens in a diverse society. In cooperation with regional actors, we want to strengthen the approach of social education and the youth centre and schools as a place of retreat and support it with workshops and concerts offered throughout Saxony. The workshops include singing, percussion/beatbox, instrument making and dance.

My task was to organise and supervise the workshops and sub-projects in terms of music education and concept.

POA 2017 – Gruppenfoto

The Project and Band was awarded the Power of Arts prize in 2017.


Live Looping (Workshop or Course)

In this workshop Arystan shows all the possibilities of making music with the loop station that he has tried so far. This includes acapella pieces, instrumentals, soundscapes and live electronic music.


  • How do I focus on my musical idea while making music with the loop station that also sounds good?
  • How do I build beats? Questions of timing; how do I arrange a loop song?
  • Which effects, compressors and equalisers, sound quality; and of course many tips and tricks for making music with the loop machine.

All in all, an all-round intensive workshop for ALL musicians who already work with the Loopstation, or for those who haven’t started yet. See you!!

6 Days Course Description: Here

6 Days Course 2015: @ WIM Festival Frias (Spain)

2 Days Workshop 2018: @Universidad Cantabria  (Spain)


Songwriting and Rap (Workshop or Course)

How do I arrange a song? How do I write a text or even rap it? In this course you will learn to write in a group or individually. We develop a song together, look for musical possibilities and work on the individual and group performance. At the end of the course we record and produce the song and maybe even shoot a video to finish it off.


  • promote musical, poetic, technical and performative skills
  • encourage one’s own ability to express oneself
  • find solutions with the group 

For all ages and previous experience is not necessary. I look forward to seeing you!

20h Course: @ Gymnasium Klotzsche (Dresden) OPENION PROJECT (2019)

2 days Workshop: @ SV Kongress Lebenshilfe Leipzig (2019)      

Producing Beats (Workshop or Course)

Intensive Course: How can I build my own beats with simple means? – Be it Hip Hop, Dubstep, DnB, Techno, House, Downtempo, etc.? In this workshop you will get the necessary tools to realise your musical ideas and learn a lot about music at the same time.

Day 1 (5h)
We learn how a beat producer thinks, look at the principle of step sequencers, try out some basic beatbox sounds, see how a sampler works, try out smartphone music apps like Loopify, take a closer look at some basic PC programs like Bandlab, LMMS or MPC Beatz.

Day 2 (5h)
We work individually and in groups on beats from different genres (Hip Hop, Dubstep, DnB, Techno, House). We learn tips and tricks on how to use the most important effects and how to make the beats even fatter and more musical.

Day 3 (5h)
Sampling – What do I have to pay attention to when choosing the right sample? How do I cut and edit samples and how do I use a standard editing program? How do I insert my own sample into my beat? We use the freeware Audicity

Day 4 (5h)
Everyone works individually on their beat and Arystan gives everyone tips and tricks on how to put the finishing touches on the beat until it is finally produced.

Workshop: The content in this case is more compact

Requirements: Smartphone, tablet or PC – No previous musical knowledge necessary

20h Course: @ JugendKunstschule (Dresden) (2018)