During the last years I have developed different Workshop- concepts.  There are workshops with a more transversal and social backround like „Music connects“ or „Music – the story of humanity“ and workshops with a higher concentration on musical/physiological content like „Get into the Loop“ or „Clinics for Brass Players“ which is inspired by the greatest Brassteacher I luckily could learn with: Malte Burba. „Music and Trance“ was developed by me based on my reasearch and fieldwork I made in 2010 on the question how altered states of consciousness are related to music. I try to inspire our western people making use of certain techniques (in music and dance) to provoke these altered states, knowledge that is lost and only can be fount in a nonwestern context.



„Music connects“ – an intercultural journey through music and history – music as a way to promote humanistic ideals in areas with problems of xenofobia (since 2017 – Kids/Teens)

„BrakedeBakdeBumBum“ – How to learn Beatbox/Vocalpercussion? (since 2014 – Kids/Teens/Adults)

„Get into the Loop“ – How to create music with a Loopmachine? (since 2014 – Teens/Adults)

„Music and Trance“ – archaic technics and different intercultural viewpoints on the topic of altered states of consciusness – for dancers and musicians (since 2014 – Adults)

„Music – the Story of humanity“ – an interdisciplinary prehistoric journey to the roots of music of our mankind (since 2015 – Kids)

„Clinics for BrassPlayers“ – breathing, tounge, lips – a physiological focus and speciffic solutions for brass players problems (since 2011 Teens/Adults)