Praxis für Alternative Handlungen is an art project by the two artists Heinz Schmöller and Lucas Oertel. Their collaboration began in 2018 with “Interventions in the Periphery”. Building on this collaboration, the Praxis für Alternative Handlungen develops further installations and interventions. The different locations and conditions influence the approach and the emergence of different formats.

Film Still“Zu Besuch“  Short film 10´2019
Lucas Oertel and Heinz Schmöller
Music: Arystan Petzold

I tried to add an atmospheric background to the various still lifes. A spherical leitmotif runs through all still lifes, and certain movements, figures and expressions have been assigned to specific sounds. The pictures had a meditative impression on me, but at the same time full of expression and contrasts. In terms of sound, it moves continuously from the dark to the light. I used almost all of my instruments and sound options.