Event Curator Evolution

Since 2017, I’ve managed diverse events at Kukulida e.V. in Dresden Neustadt, evolving from small to large-scale initiatives as an Event Curator. I handled booking, logistics, promotions, press, AV tech, safety, funding, and more. My involvement featured concerts with regional/international bands, jam sessions, themed nights, like ecstatic dance and SekeSeke’s Afro-Caribbean focus, the Krabazzz jazz festival, and varied parties. Additionally, I actively participated as an artist in these events.

Watch Krabazzz - Festival für Jazz, Performance und Experimentelle Musik

Community-Centric Curatorial Approach

I prioritize community building and creating a non-commercial space for idea sharing, offering cultural access to those in challenging situations. My goal is crafting top-notch line-ups, providing platforms for newcomers. I find great fulfillment when these elements merge at an event, valuing open participation and collaborative decision-making among all stakeholders

Performance Excellence and Welcoming Atmospheres

Prioritizing top-notch performances and a welcoming atmosphere is vital. My experience at Café Central (2003/2009), a Madrid jazz club, shaped my understanding of creating ideal conditions for successful concerts. Emphasizing hospitality, quality interactions, cuisine, excellent acoustics, and comfort for all stakeholders is paramount. I deeply value well-organized venues that alleviate stress factors and warmly welcome guests

Watch Dobranotch @ Kukulida

The Vital Role of Positive Communication

Swift decision-making, problem-solving, and a positive communication approach are vital. As a performer, projecting a relaxed, upbeat vibe onstage is key for delivering great music and engaging the audience. A welcoming atmosphere enhances anticipation and focus, contributing to artist and audience satisfaction, encouraging their return.


Band Curation and Technical Expertise:

Recently, I’ve curated and mixed diverse bands across various music genres. As a technician, my focus remains on maintaining live music quality, optimizing room and stage sound, and providing comprehensive support to the band’s performance from the mixing console.


Jazz: Felix Henkelhausen Quintett (B); Wanja Slavin Lotus Eaters (B)Sinularia (B); Anamorphosis (LE); Christoph Irninger Quintett (CH); RagaWerk (FFM) etc

Worldmusic: Dobranotch (RU); Triveni (IND); Lua Preta (ANG/POL); Insolito Universo (FR); La Jose (ESP), Mangoma (ZIM) etc.

Festivals: Live Looping Festival (2017/2018); Krabazz – Festival für Jazz, Performance und Experimenteller Musik (2023)

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