Embracing Modern Expression of Ancient Revelry

Urban Dionysic Ritual invites a modern interpretation of the ancient Dionysian ritual practice, blending community and individuality, freedom, improvisation, and transformation. It provides a sheltered space for all participants, fostering synesthetic experiences, catharsis, and emotional intensity.

This ritual unfolds as a day unlike any other, where the ethos revolves around celebrating life’s joys while delving into the depths of existence. It’s more than just dancing; it encompasses the moments before and after. Allowing time for eating, drinking, and conversing holds equal significance.


It’s a sensory immersion where sight, sound, smell, taste—all senses—are engaged. Symbolizing life, death, and rebirth, the ritual transcends boundaries, encouraging inner revelations and the confrontation of tensions through dance, music, and communal engagement.

The music, hypnotic and ecstatic, is entirely improvised, responding to the evolving energy within the ritual space. Every instrument and sound emerges precisely in sync with the moment, amplifying the emotional intensity and collective joy.

Embarking on Collective Motion

In the initial phase, we converge, collectively charging the space with emotional resonance. As a unified group, we navigate the space, experiencing its dimensions through dance and movement improvisation. The music, composed of simple yet highly emotive motifs, fosters a participatory atmosphere. With a deliberate, slow tempo mirroring the tranquil heartbeat of participants, we engage in a shared, participative rhythm. Together, we explore the unspoken language of movement, fostering a profound sense of connection.

Watch Communal Embodiment: Harmonizing Through Shared Movement and Emotion

Hypnotic Transformation

During the second phase, we can submerge ourselves gradually into the music, allowing its hypnotic elements to envelop us. As the rhythms increase in complexity, the music undergoes a mesmerizing transformation. This enables the dancer to set his body in motion polyrhythmically but repetitively and at the same time to enable new movement patterns in the flow of the dance.

Watch Hypnotic Transformation

Phase of Ascension

In the third phase, we approach the first crescendo. Dancers can immerse themselves fully, syncing their breath with the pulsating rhythm. The music intensifies, becoming increasingly hypnotic, emphasizing a strong pulse and simplifying its polyrhythmic complexities. Repetitive motifs create a mesmerizing aura, encouraging dancers to synchronize and elevate their movements. With a deliberate escalation, the tempo accelerates, driving us towards an imminent peak of heightened energy and visceral engagement.

Watch Phase of Ascension

Transitioning between preceding phases based on mood and energy levels, a pause may ensue before the next set/segment. This interlude allows for fluid movement between experiences, adapting to the collective vibe, ensuring a seamless progression in the ritual’s expressive journey


What is Music Festival (ESP:2016/17); Dissidence Festival (IT:2017) Ecstatic Dance Dresden (DE: 2018); Wave Tharandt (DE: 2023); Festival Porto di Terra (IT:2023) Uncountable Live-Sessions since 2015