Live Looping (Workshop or Course)

In this workshop, Arystan explores the diverse array of possibilities offered by the loop station, encompassing his extensive experimentation. Participants will delve into creating acapella pieces, instrumentals, soundscapes, and live electronic music.


  • How to maintain focus on musical ideas while utilizing the loop station, ensuring quality output?
  • Techniques for constructing beats, addressing timing concerns, and arranging loop-based compositions.
  • Exploring effects, compressors, equalizers, and enhancing sound quality. Additionally, participants will receive numerous tips and tricks for utilizing the loop machine effectively.

Overall, this comprehensive workshop caters to ALL musicians, whether they are seasoned with the Loopstation or beginners


1 Day – 1 Week


6 Days Course 2015: @ WIM Festival Frias (Spain)

2 Days Workshop 2018: @Universidad Cantabria  (Spain)