Live Looping (Workshop or Course)

In this workshop Arystan shows all the possibilities of making music with the loop station that he has tried so far. This includes acapella pieces, instrumentals, soundscapes and live electronic music.


  • How do I focus on my musical idea while making music with the loop station that also sounds good?
  • How do I build beats? Questions of timing; how do I arrange a loop song?
  • Which effects, compressors and equalisers, sound quality; and of course many tips and tricks for making music with the loop machine.

All in all, an all-round intensive workshop for ALL musicians who already work with the Loopstation, or for those who haven’t started yet. See you!!


1 Day – 1 Week


6 Days Course 2015: @ WIM Festival Frias (Spain)

2 Days Workshop 2018: @Universidad Cantabria  (Spain)