Music Theory for Music Production

Designed for music producers with an intuitive understanding but seeking depth in harmony and advanced theory, this course, led by a seasoned jazz musician and producer, elevates tracks with captivating harmonies and tension.

We’ll explore music theory’s application in production, emphasizing harmonic concepts for depth. Additionally, we delve into non-European theory, polyrhythms, and melodic analysis, catering to preferences.

Guided hands-on sessions ensure adept integration of theory into productions and effective use of production tools

  • music production
Learn Practical Application of Music Theory in Productions
  1. Harmonic Concepts: Cover chord structures, modulations, and harmonies from basic to advanced levels, integrating non-European scales and global sonic concepts.
  2. Practical Application: Apply music theory directly to productions, emphasizing scale theory for diverse melodic exploration.
  3. Building Tension and Mood: Create emotional depth using diverse harmonic variations, non-traditional scales, and global melodic concepts strategically.
  4. Melodic Analysis: Explore and implement melodies from various cultures into productions, analyzing their nuances.
  5. Polyrhythmic Elements: Understand and incorporate polyrhythms for rich rhythmic complexity in music.
  6. Individualized Feedback: Get personalized guidance linking theoretical concepts with practical applications, including non-traditional scales and global musical elements.
  7. Effective Production Tools: Connect music theory, non-European scales, and global concepts with common production tools for seamless creativity.
  8. Practice-Oriented Learning: Combine video tutorials and exercises for immediate knowledge application.
  9. Experienced Instructor: Benefit from guidance by an experienced jazz musician and producer, exploring diverse global music concepts while honing individual skills.

The course aims to empower music producers with practical music theory, scale theory, and global musical elements to create captivating tracks enriched with global musical traditions.