Transcultural Music Work

As the music education coordinator for the acclaimed transcultural music project ‚Come as you are‚ with Banda Comunale Dresden, I have been actively integrating my ideas and experiences into the project’s concept and execution since 2017. I have presented insights at conferences and symposia throughout Germany, sharing my knowledge to inspire fellow educators.

Through this platform, I aim to impart the expertise we have acquired in transcultural music work. Music, as a universal art form, is exceptionally adept at bridging gaps between individuals who might not otherwise connect under ordinary circumstances

  • Power of Arts Award (2017)

My involvement in the Banda Comunale Dresden—a transcultural music project advocating against misanthropy and in support of humanistic values—has been instrumental. It’s a band where individuals from diverse backgrounds unite to play music from around the globe. Furthermore, my own multi-identity, shaped by family circumstances and varied social experiences, coupled with seven years of theoretical and practical involvement in transcultural projects, forms the foundation upon which I aspire to share my wealth of experiences with fellow educators.

Possible content

How might the structure of a transcultural music workshop be designed regarding its content? In what ways can individuals from non-European cultures, lacking experience, be trained as workshop instructors within this framework? What artistic and narrative elements should be considered in conveying values like tolerance, acceptance, and democratic coexistence? What organizational and practical issues might arise, and what solutions have been devised?

Which musical and artistic components can be incorporated into the curriculum for a multi-ethnic after-school group or school class? What common challenges do children and young people frequently express in their daily lives? What avenues exist for fostering exchange among them?

What insights have we gained from our years of experience with workshops and band projects? Exploring conceptual and theoretical exchanges. Facilitating participatory dynamics and conveying music education content rooted in transcultural contexts.

Expertise: Project Coordination

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Band project: unaccompanied refugees

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Transcultural Song Workshop

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  • Kolibri.e.V Course (2020): How to Create a Transcultural Music Workshop
  • BfDT – Aktivpreisträger Workshop (18/19.9.2020, Halle):
  • DHMD Kongress „Geteilte Heimaten“ (10-12 May 2021):
  • Kdh Konferenz – „Transkulturelle Musikinitiativen – Vernetzung und Impulse“ (10-11 September 2021):
  • Workshop at Fachtag: Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung in der Kindertagesbetreuung (15.9.23)