My experience with online classes is that the electronic music and loop station course works best over distance and screen. You can share the screen and the sound, I can best show what processes are needed to support the creative process through the programmes and hardware (Loopstation) used (LMMS, MPC Beatz, Audicity, Ableton Live, Adobe Audition). Otherwise, I always work directly on the practice. The student creates, I accompany him in the process and show him which possibilities are there, the decision is made by the student which of the offers I make will be accepted.



How to focus your music with a loopmachine?

Beat Production

How to make Beats with your Computer?

Price Policy

Due to gross differences in income and my claim that education should be accessible to all, I have decided not to set prices anymore. We can work out an individual pricing policy that suits your financial possibilities and my limits of what is feasible.