Artist residency – I invite you to come to Porano and we develop, discuss, study and create stuff together.


People from all arts and interests are warmly invited to come

Possible Topics

(1) the human ritual space, (2) music and ritual; (3) sound research; (4) concepts of free improvisation, (5) ways out of the imperial ideology/era


Recording studio, mics, field recording equipment, instruments from all over the world, camera equipment, projector, small library, rehearsal space, etc


Personal Interests

Art, history, politics, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, sociology, architecture, religious studies, linguistics, natural science, theatre so forth and so on


Suggest a project/idea – and we look forward to your coming


the project is donation-based and appeals to your personal responsibility


My house is an ideal place to nurture ideas, develop things and focus on their realisation. This is favoured by the peaceful and natural surroundings of Porano. Supporting and maintaining spaces for artists to flourish is a cause I have long supported. I would therefore like to share my space with other artists and bring people together see it as a communal think tank where we philosophise, debate, experiment, create, eat and drink, and freely adapted from Epicurus, cultivate a garden of friendship.


The space

  • the house offers two floors with three bedrooms for potentially 7 people, a bathroom, kitchen, dining area, living room, recording studio, laundry, and a charming terrace
  • It’s not a luxury abode, but it provides all essentials for a comfortable stay, within the project accommodating 1-4 people simultaneously
  • if you like to come alone or with your family, in the times when I work in Germany, as a creative retreat or family holiday home. No problem. The voluntary and donation principle also applies here

About Porano:

    • Porano is a quaint medieval town nestled on a hill in Umbria, 120km north of Rome.
    • Convenience stores, supermarkets, tobacco shops, and a post office are within walking distance.
    • The nearest major city is Orvieto, just 5km away, with a train station providing a 1-hour ride to Rome.
    • Local transportation is available, having a drivers license is recommended. 1h walk down the hill to Orvieto

Possible Activities

    • From morning yoga on the terrace to practicing instruments, developing projects, recording, reading, exploring local markets, cooking, writing, and experiencing nearby cities like Orvieto (10 mins away), thermal baths (1 hour away), Bolsena Lake (25 mins away), Tuscan beaches (2 hours away), and hiking in beautiful surrounding woods.


I offer music coaching sessions, if needed and requested aimed at fostering a focused approach to your projects. Together, we can concentrate on your musical aspirations, whether it’s refining your skills, honing specific techniques, working on a creative endeavor or a recording project. I aim to provide guidance and support tailored to your individual musical journey. Feel free to bring forth your project goals, and I’ll assist in navigating the musical landscape, nurturing growth, and development.

  • music lesson umbria

About the Host:

    • I reside in central Italy, in Porano, Umbria, living within the historical heart of the town.
    • There is recording studio equipped with all necessary accessories.
    • There’s also a nearby church that can be used for practice or recording with natural reverb.
    • Porano has a small theater stage that can be rented if needed.

Location and Accessibility:

  • Arrival:
    • Various transportation options are accessible, including the A1 highway exit at Orvieto for those arriving by car.
    • Night buses like Regiojet (Prague – Florence), FLIX (Munich – Florence; connecting to Orvieto), and night trains like ÖBB (Munich – Florence; connecting to Orvieto) are viable options.
    • Arriving by plane to Rome Fiumicino Airport and then taking a regional train to Orvieto is also feasible.

Contact and Availability:

    • Check the availability your idea, or project proposal via the contact form, and we’ll discuss the rest over the phone.