Music and Trance Workshop for Musicians

This comprehensive course invites instrumentalists of all skill levels and musical backgrounds to explore the deep interconnection between ritual music and trance states. Over two days, the workshop offers an analytical dive into the intricate elements of ritual music, emphasizing its structure, emotional depth, and transformative capabilities.


All type of instrumentalists of all levels are invited to participate.


2 Days Example – but the workshop can be shortened or extended.

1 day – 1 week

Course Focus and Audience:
    • Analysis of Emotion in Melodies, Texts, and Repetitions
    • Exploration of Call and Response, Drone Sounds, and Motif Condensation
    • Understanding Tempos, Polyrhythms, and Hypnotic Music
    • Techniques for Trance Induction through Music
    • Group-based Improvisation and Engagement Strategies
    • Crafting Musical Accompaniments in Diverse Contexts

Day 1:
    1. Contextualization and Overview:
      • Defining the link between ritual music and trance states
      • Brief insight into cultural backgrounds and relevant studies
    2. Analyzing Ritual Music:
      • Exploring emotional elements in melodies and texts
      • Understanding repetitive structures and their impact
      • Detailed exploration of Gnawa rituals in Morocco
    3. Hypnotic Music Focus:
      • Delving into hypnotic musical elements and their effects
Day 2:
  1. Collective Improvisation and Engagement:
    • Encouraging group participation in improvisation
    • Engaging musicians with diverse backgrounds and proficiency levels
  2. Application of Concepts:
    • Practical application of learned techniques in musical settings
    • In-depth discussions and practical applications to reinforce understanding
  3. Ekstatic Music Focus:
    • Exploring the emotive aspects and transformative capabilities of ecstatic music

Conclusion and Reflection:

  • Summarizing key insights and participant experiences
  • Open discussion to share personal observations and reflections

This inclusive course aims to provide instrumentalists, regardless of their proficiency or musical genre, with a platform to delve into and analyze the intricate elements of ritual music, exploring both its hypnotic and ecstatic facets over two engaging days of exploration.