Urban Tribal Global Loops

Multi-instrumentalist Arystan intricately weaves together diverse musical influences in an electrifying live performance. Central to his act is the human voice, serving as the catalyst for each musical concept, extending its reach throughout every limb and body part, channelled through a myriad of instruments collected and learned from around the world. Instruments such as the ngoni, trumpet, kobyz, flutes, rattles, drums, beatbox, keys, and more play a pivotal role. These diverse elements are expressed through global patterns and modes, sometimes played concurrently, polyphonically, and polyrhythmically, creating a band-like synergy, or in solitary performances, amplifying the emotional essence of the moment.

  • David Campesino Film & Photography

The resulting music manifests as a live remix of ideas—improvised, urban, and ritualistic—forming a tactile counterpoint. Using a loop machine, the music is recorded and fused with electronic music aesthetics, maintaining an analogue warmth, an edgy quality, and constantly provoking unforeseen moments. Each performance stands unique, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its energy, transforming the room’s ambiance, stimulating an archaic longing for transition, and collectively celebrating this experience with joy—this is Arystan’s artistic ambition.

Loops serve as a medium, inducing a cathartic journey for both body and mind, ushering participants into a state of flow. The result is a blend of driving beats and recurring sounds, shapes, and patterns defying categorization within a specific genre. Instead, they embody expressive, ecstatic, and meditative characteristics that transcend conventional boundaries

Complete Live Set

The setup has undergone development in recent years (2015 – present) and offers flexibility in arrangement, adaptable to the conditions and opportunities of the venue. In essence, the core equipment is compact enough to fit into a travel suitcase.

Ideally, locations with distinct, designated spaces, whether indoors or outdoors, are preferred. While sessions held in nature or during later hours have often evoked a unique energy, it’s not a prerequisite. Providing guidance on breathing techniques and cyclic movements beforehand, if feasible, can enhance dancers‘ immersion into the music. Throughout the performance, manipulation of olfactory elements and lighting is incorporated, aiming to evoke the most synesthetic experience possible.

For detailed information regarding instruments and sounds, please refer to this link


Places and Spaces (2015 – Today)

New Fire Festival (Trinidad and Tobago),  Operndorf (Burkina Faso), What is Music Festival Frias (ESP), Hedokongress (D), Folk´n Fusion Festival (Hildesheilm), Festival L*abore (D), Gailalda Gathering (D), Dissidance Festival (IT), Badehaus (D), Komplex (D), Borwaerk (D), Rabryka (D), Kukulida (D), Scheune (D),Staatsschauspiel Dresden(D), 101 Club Monte Amiata (IT), Porto di Terra Festival (IT), Sette Voci (IT), La Scighera Milano (IT) Hanse3 (D), Tolerave (D), Effetto 48 (IT) etc….and lots of subcultural spaces and places inside and outside