Ecstatic Dance – Music and Trance

Since time immemorial there has been a need to enter an expanded state of consciousness. The reasons can be very different. Be it a cathartic release from inner tensions, or mystical experiences individually or collectively. The question is often almost always the same. Does the process take place inwardly or outwardly?

Trance, ecstasy, Hal, Nadi, ecstatic trance, hypnotic ecstasy: a lot of terms are bandied about simultaneously in the forest of definitions of expanded states of consciousness.


The workshop can be conducted for both musicians and dancers. Dance therapists can be brought in if required.
Duration: 1 day – 1 week

In this workshop we will try to shed some light and take a closer look at the influence of music and dance on ASC (Altered State of Consciousness).
We will be inspired by the comparative ritual practices of different groups on our planet in the present and past to understand more precisely what do humans to bring themselves into ASC with the help of music, breath, movement or immobility.

We will explore movement possibilities, sensitize our bodies, focus on musical patterns that can evoke certain states in the listener/dancer, look at the factors of sensory overload and deprivation, emotionality, synesthesia and inner and outer attitudes, as well as group, couple and individual dynamics.

Breathing, sound, meditation

The first phase of this workshop focuses on a deep sound meditation that invites you to calm your mind and establish an inner connection. Through the gentle sounds and vibrations, participants are guided to focus on their breathing and thus immerse themselves in a state of deep relaxation and mindfulness. We look in detail at different breathing techniques

Breathwork plays an important role, as it is seen as the key to awakening inner energy and releasing tension. Targeted breathing techniques deepen the awareness of one’s own breath, which enables an increased awareness of the body and a strengthening of one’s own presence.

Watch Meditation, Respiration and Sound

Movement, improvisation, liberation

During this phase, participants engage in a dynamic warm-up designed to awaken the body and prepare it for the expressive movement ahead. The focus is on loosening muscles, enhancing flexibility, and fostering a sense of physical readiness.

This segment encourages individuals to experiment with an array of movement patterns and styles which are inspired by the worldwide practice of trance induction. Participants are encouraged to explore their bodies freely and allow spontaneous movements to flow naturally, but also to try out and experiment with the suggested movement patterns. From gentle stretches to more vigorous movements, this phase facilitates a space for creative expression and uninhibited exploration.


Watch Movement, Improvisation, Liberation

Energetic Climax

Through high-energy beats and rhythm, this phase ignites a spirited atmosphere, inspiring participants to embrace movement with heightened intensity. Encouraging a deeper connection to their bodies, the pulsating music serves as a catalyst, motivating individuals to explore their physical capabilities, pushing boundaries, and unleashing their inner vitality.

This phase offers a liberating space where participants can channel their energy, express themselves boldly, and transcend perceived limitations through uninhibited movement. It’s an opportunity to delve into an ecstatic state, embracing the power of music to propel physical expression to its peak.

Watch Energetic Climax and Free Expression

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