Interdisciplinary Collaborations in Art

Through my artistic collaborations, I delve into a unifying language that transcends barriers—shapes, movements, colors, structures, images, words, and syntax. These diverse elements coalesce into an expressive symphony, forming a universal dialogue that goes beyond linguistic confines. In my creative pursuits exploring interdisciplinary collaborations in art, I meticulously explore the interconnectedness between various mediums, acknowledging that while each medium is distinct, they resonate in both harmony and contrast. Shapes gracefully intertwine, movements craft rhythmic patterns, colors evoke profound emotions, structures tell intricate narratives, images freeze moments in time, words articulate profound thoughts, and syntax adeptly weaves them together.

Transcending Boundaries: Fusion and Harmony 

Within this amalgamation of interdisciplinary collaborations in art, a shared lexicon emerges, facilitating communication that traverses traditional boundaries. Moreover, my collaborative projects in interdisciplinary collaborations in art aim to blur the boundaries between disciplines, inviting a fusion of artistic expressions to create a tapestry of interconnectedness. This endeavor seeks not only to communicate across cultural and linguistic diversities but also to evoke a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diversity of human expression and experience, transcending the confines of individual disciplines in the realm of art collaborations.

  • The Baltic Sea – Generative Art (2013)

  • Grassi Invites – Tattoo and Piercing (2017)

  • Grassi Invites – Tattoo and Piercing

  1. Poetry - Poemi del deserto @Orvieto/Italy Nicola dal Falco/ArYstan (2015) 6:58
  2. Art Installation - The Wall in our Minds @Silent Green Berlin Nicolas Baernreuther/ ArYstan (Nov2015) 5:20

Contemporary Dance

Michael Zschech – tanz + voc, Arystan Pezold – perc+ tp, Hartmut Dorschner – sax. Kamera: David Campesino, Christoph Haubold. Schnitt: Heribert Dorsch, Mario H. Tschi @ Hellerau – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden (2013)

Synaesthetic Performances

Arystan Petzold – Trp|Voc|Fx  Arne Müller – Dr|FX, Jan Barthold – Dr|Fx, David Campesino –  Visuals  @ University of Music Dresden (2011)

Exhibition Opening

Photography – David Campesino, Arystan Petzold – Live Loops  @ Raskolnikoff (2016)