How to Dj (Workshop or Course)

How do I put on music? How does a DJ booth work? How do I make transitions? What music goes with each other? Beatmatching? Why do DJs exist and since when?  In this course we will look at how to put on music. What music fits at the right moment, and how to dose the intensity well on the dance floor. Of course, we also deal with technical and musical aspects, Mixing with records, CDs and sound files, which software, how do I create a good sound on the dance floor and on the monitor speakers?  At the end of the course you can get started and party with your friends or in the youth club.


  • promote musical, technical and performative skills
  • encourage one’s own ability to express oneself
  • connect with the people through music

For all ages and previous experience is not necessary.


1 Day – 1 Week

More infos about Dj Arystan: here


  1. Dj Arystan - Ballo Strade (Global Party) 2:13:43

This course took place in Steinhaus/Bautzen in 2023.

The age range was between 13 and 18 years. During the course, the young people developed various ways of shaping transitions. We worked on the sound and dramaturgy of the set. They created their own playlists and familiarized themselves with programs such as Serato, Traktor and Virtual Dj. At the end of the course we realized a big Party.