Journey Through Time: Exploring Music’s Evolution

Join us for an immersive musical journey, „From Prehistoric to Modern Music,“ designed especially for children and teens, spanning a total of 6 hours.

What’s in store for you? We delve into the fundamental question: why does humanity create music? Our exploration revolves around uncovering the reasons behind this universal phenomenon. From materials used in crafting instruments to the evolution of musical tools since the Neolithic era to the present day, we unravel the fascinating story of musical instruments.


Space: A single room conducive to collective music-making, ideally spacious for movement, play, and dance. If available, a natural setting such as a forest, open area, or stream would be beneficial.

Materials: Any available assorted tools for instrument crafting, if accessible.

Audio Playback Equipment & Instruments: An audio playback device for music and instruments from the school or respective facility, if accessible

Age: Primary school, secondary school, grammar school

The Workshop Highlights:

Station 1: Observing and Communicating with Nature Through playful reenactments, we immerse ourselves in everyday scenarios, from hunting to communal rituals, exploring how early humans interacted with their environment, animals, and each other musically.

Station 2: At the Instrument Carousel, participants will have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of instruments. Demonstrations will be available, allowing individuals to experiment with various instruments, gaining insight into the four fundamental principles of sound creation. The session includes a journey through musical samples spanning ancient times to the modern era, highlighting similarities, differences, and the evolution of musical complexity across different historical periods.

Station 3: In the Creative Instrument Crafting station, participants will engage in a hands-on workshop focused on crafting unique musical instruments. Using natural and recycled materials, attendees will be guided through the process of constructing their personalized musical tools.

Station 4: The Collaborative Music-making Workshop offers a collective musical experience where participants can apply their newfound knowledge. Through collaborative music-making, individuals will come together to create music, putting their skills into practice