Music Video Art

Experience music video art in the collaborative film ‚Zu Besuch,‘ blending diverse compositions and sounds for a reflective experience

Established in 2018 by Dresden-based artists Heinz Schmöller and Lucas Oertel, Praxis für Alternative Handlungen has evolved into a vibrant art project. Initially focused on ‚Interventions in the Periphery,‘ their collaboration expanded to include diverse installations shaped by various locations, significantly influencing their artistic approach.

A notable achievement in their collaboration is the 2019 film ‚Zu Besuch,‘ a 10-minute project by Lucas Oertel and Heinz Schmöller. This film showcases varied still-life compositions with a cohesive atmospheric theme, blending seamlessly with specific sounds to evoke reflective, contemplative moods, nuanced expressions, and vivid contrasts.

“Zu Besuch“  Film Still 10´2019
Lucas Oertel and Heinz Schmöller
Music: Arystan Petzold


Arystan Petzold’s music in ‚Zu Besuch‘ is pivotal, guiding an auditory journey from darker tones to brighter melodies. Using a range of instruments and soundscapes, the music enhances the visual narrative, enriching the immersive experience.

As a composer, Arystan Petzold meticulously crafted the musical landscape, showcasing expertise in utilizing diverse instruments and sounds. His attention to detail and seamless interplay between sound and imagery added emotional depth, defining the fusion of music and video art.