Loop Station Online Course

I offer a personalized online live looping course tailored to help you discover the music you envision creating with the loop machine and how I can assist you in achieving those goals.

While there are numerous pre-made online video courses teaching loop station operations, effects, technical settings, and looping techniques—an excellent starting point—many individuals possess a musical vision yet struggle with the execution, unsure why certain elements don’t function as desired, whether due to technical or musical challenges. Here, I can bridge that gap and guide you through.


Musicians with different styles, levels and skills, using loop stations like Boss RC-505, Boss RC-300, TC Electronic Ditto X4, among others, can contact me without problem. I’m here to assist and share my expertise in songwriting, improvisation, beatboxing, vocals, ambient sounds, and more.

Potential Content

Unleashing Creativity through Technical Skills:

  • Learning to use the loop machine creatively for musical expression
  • Understanding how sounds, effects, and dynamics impact music creation
  • Exploring different ways to layer loops and manipulate them artistically
  • Mastering techniques for smooth transitions, tempo changes, and effects
  • Incorporating other instruments, MIDI devices, and recording for versatility

Crafting Music and Developing Style:

  • Experimenting with arrangements and creating engaging compositions
  • Developing unique musical motifs and playing with loop complexity
  • Using loop stations for songwriting and composing original music

Enhancing Performance Techniques:

  • Improving ear training, coordination, and vocal abilities for looping
  • Exploring rhythmic variations, breathing techniques, timing, and improvisation
  • Collaborating with others for live looping performances and improvement

Overcoming Challenges and Exploring Possibilities:

  • Tackling technical hurdles in looping and adapting to different sound systems
  • Exploring diverse applications of looping in various settings (Club, Theater, Art Installations etc.) 
  • Understanding how different music genres (jazz, electronic, acoustic) can be approached through looping techniques

Watch Collaborative Live Looping