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    Multi-Instrumentalist| Music Educator| Composer
    Multi-Instrumentalist| Music Educator| Composer


Is that still jazz?

Arystan Petzold (b. 1983, Greifswald, Germany) is known for his expertise as a multi-instrumentalist, music educator, composer, and ethnomusicologist. although, what is a multi-instrumentalist, and ethnomusicologist, is that concept still up to date? Anyhow – Since 2011, he divides his time between Dresden (Germany) and Orvieto (Italy) in a constant state of multi-location living, oscillating between the tranquility of the Umbrian province and the fast-paced, vibrant urban life in Germany.

Proficient across various instruments— trumpet, diverse wind instruments, unique string instruments, percussion, and vocals including beatboxing—his skills encompass a wide range and musical styles from jazz to global music styles to techno – always curious in search of new sounds, instruments and playing techniques.


His musical journey began with the trumpet in local brass bands at a young age in east-germany, branching into deejaying and beat production inspired by the vibrant HipHop subculture during his teenage years in the 90´s.

After completing high school, Arystan immersed himself in the rich multicultural environment of Madrid, attracted by the beauty of the Spanish language and music culture. This time significantly influenced his artistic and personal growth. In 2005, he returned to Germany to study Jazz trumpet at the Dresden University of Music, mentored by influential figures such as Till Brönner and Malte Burba.

Music and Trance

With a deep fascination for exploring human ritualistic practices and the connection between music and altered consciousness, Arystan conducted ethnomusicological research in Morocco in 2010 under the University of Music Dresden. His focus lay on ritualistic music and trance phenomena, aiming to uncover the essence of these cultural aspects and translating these insights into western cultural contexts. That’s why he actively conducts workshops in the realm of Music and Trance and Ecstatic Dance. Those interested in his scholarly work can access his scientific findings here

Musical Diversity and Educational Passion

Musically, he draws his greatest inspiration from Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Latin, Afrobeat, Balkan, Flamenco, Gnawa, Free Improvisation, Ambient, Electronic Music and a plethora of other musical styles and concepts from around the world. His solo project, „Arystan,“ involving live looping, seamlessly brings together all those musical and scientific facets.

In the realm of composition, he is inclined toward the theatrical and art performative domain.

Besides his artistic pursuits, he teaches music with a lot of passion in Germany and Italy, both in person and online. His aim is to ignite his students‘ enthusiasm while creating various concepts, projects, and workshops focused on themes like creativity, activism, technology, diversity, and improving access to education and culture for marginalized communities.

Having performed at various music festivals and being featured in recording productions, Arystan’s involvement extends beyond his solo pursuits; he is a part of the transcultural music collective, Banda Comunale.

He is reachable in German, English, Italian, Spanish, and Russian.



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