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    Multi-Instrumentalist| Composer| Educator| Ethnomusicologist
    Multi-Instrumentalist| Composer| Educator| Ethnomusicologist

Arystan Petzold (b. 1983, Greifswald, Germany) is a musician, composer, ethnomusicologist and educator based in Dresden (Germany) and Orvieto (Italy). He is a multi-instrumentalist, specializing in the trumpet, wind instruments, special string instruments,  percussion and vocals, including beatboxing. He began playing the trumpet at an early age, and during his teenage years through HipHop became interested in deejaying and beats production. After high school, Arystan moved to the multicultural sphere of Madrid—a city that had a strong influence on his evolution. In 2005, he returned to Germany to study Jazz trumpet at the Dresden University of Music with Till Brönner and Malte Burba, among others.

He has a special interest in researching the relationship between music and altered states of consciousness. In this regard he has conducted ethno-musicological research in Morocco under the University of Music Dresden, on ritual music and trance. The results can be found here.

Musically he is most influenced by Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk, Latin, Afrobeat, Balcan, Flamenco, World Music, Gnawa, Ambient and Electronic Music. His live loop solo project „Arystan“, unites all his musical and scientific facets. As a composer, he likes to work in the theater field. In addition to his artistic activities, he has developed many projects and concepts in the field of education, especially where disadvantaged people should be given access to society through the arts.

He has performed at several music festivals and has been featured on recording productions . Aside from his solo projects, Arystan is a member of the transcultural music collective, Banda ComunaleYou can contact him in  German, English, Italian, Spanish and Russian.