1. Theater - Flucht zu Pferd (Themesong) 3:13
  2. Grundrauschen (Ambient) 4:50
  3. Eliots Tanz (Song) 5:33
  4. Autobahn Brücke (Ambient) 10:15
  5. Der Trip (Song) 4:01
  6. Terrasse Club (Ambient) 4:08
  7. Königin der Nacht (Song) 6:29
  8. Barba - Felice - Kai (Ambient) 4:26
  9. Final (Ambient Song) 4:38

A play about the urban jungle, drugs, love and the intoxication of life. Inspired by Bernard Marie Koltès‘ novel Flucht zu Pferd bis ans Ende der Stadt and Gus van Sant’s film My private Idaho.

“Little lights float in a black sea.” The antiheroes live in the darkness of the night. Eliot is looking for his mother, he forgot yesterday, is a prostitute and a junkie. Félice is out of the insane asylum, doesn’t know where to go and is looking for her parcels. Her sister Barba is the “Queen of the Night”, the beats are pumping through her body – her terrain is the night club. The young and wild go through a night, longing for love, closeness, after the next trip – loving each other, living in a frenzy. They are pursued and driven, easily live on the precipice, fly too close to the sun.

A production by the Freispieler in cooperation with the laboratory theater of the Dresden University of Fine Arts and the cultural protection area Projekttheater Dresden.

December 20, 2016 Premiere / Laboratory Theater of the HfBK Dresden

Play: Lena Damm, Sophia Haller, Klaus Fischer, Tom Geigenmüller, Marcus Möller, Gabriel Schweinert
Direction / direction: Christiane Guhr
Stage design: Lisa Rüger, Sebastian Schrader HfBK
Costume design: Lena Baumann HfBK
Light: Geohwan Ju HfBK
Dramaturgy: Josef Zschornack
Music / Sound: Arystan Petzold


  • rbt

In this production the task was to produce ambience and sound collages as well as tracks, which should reflect the tension between conflicts, club ambience and the need for breakout and peace. Drug experiences should be presented acoustically. The production took place in Dresden, the compositions were produced in Porano (Italy). I was able to take part in 2 rehearsals in Dresden to get an impression, the rest was sent by video, and the music was integrated into the play.