School Workshops

Does your class or school wish to invite me or my team for a project day, project week, or school event as a workshop facilitator, performer, or special guest for your school band? No worries, I would be delighted to join you, bringing along my full repertoire and collaborating with your class or small group. I understand the logistical and organizational challenges that often arise within a packed school schedule.

With over a decade of experience as a workshop leader and the creation of numerous project concepts for various school levels (primary, secondary, special, and grammar schools), having visited over 60 schools in Germany, I’ve developed a keen sense for the interests, needs, and developmental stages of children and young people, whether in urban or rural settings


My drive is to ignite enthusiasm for music among children and young people, fostering interdisciplinary connections, promoting openness, and creating magical, impactful moments that will hopefully resonate for a long time. Above all, I aim to inspire a perception of music as an artistic form of expression for an active life within the community.

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My repertoire offers an array of engaging activities, ice-breakers, and theatrical exercises alongside workshops focused primarily on music: percussion, beatbox, singing, dance, instrument crafting, songwriting, band coaching, music production, improvisation techniques, performance, transculturality, and global music and instrument exploration. For detailed concept descriptions, you can find an overview on my website here.

I’m also delighted to assemble larger teams for your project. The formats are flexible, ranging from 1 to 6 individuals, and can span from a concise 2-hour workshop to a full school day or projects that extend over a week or several months.

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