In my mid twenties I became confronted with diverse spiritual questions, and I had the first encounter with german techno culture. A mix of questions and curiosity leaded me to the decision to dedicate my last year on Dresdens Music University finding out the relationship of music and altered states of consciousness.

I started my project june 2010, preparing myself for the work as an ethnomusicologist, getting the instruments to carry out a fieldwork based on scientific standards.  In September I travelled to morocco and stayed for 6 weeks in Essaouira trying to find the Gnawa Brotherhood who are masters of tranceinduction with the help of music, dance and a specific ritual procedure.

I read most of the books that were available on that topic,  met anthropologists in germany who did a similar reasearch before, but not from the musical point of view, and finally I used the power of the internet to compare worldwide rituals.

I came to certain conclusions, and the whole work can be fount here for free. In this moment, the E-Book is only available in german. In the future I´m going to translate the important pieces of the book. My goal is to spread this information which is basically unknown in the western world, to bring it back to our cultural context. Why? Because its good and important for human beeings.

I hope you enjoy.

I also give workshops on that topic. Check out here

Watch Gnawa Ritual in Marocco

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