1. Dj Arystan - Ballo Strade (Global Party) 2:13:43
Exploring Worldwide Global Music Mix

A musical nomad traversing from Almaty to Bamako, Dj Arystan presents an international mix of captivating rhythms that resonate deeply, moving through hearts, minds, and souls. His extensive travels across diverse countries have expanded his musical canvas, not only enriching his cultural understanding but also acquainting him with music that breathes and thrives in its native spaces.

A Timeless Set of Musical Diversity

With a dedication to crafting a sonic voyage transcending boundaries, Dj Arystan curates a timeless musical experience. Each set is an amalgamation of love, intensity, and sheer devotion to the diverse genres and styles he encounters on his global expedition. His seamless presentation of music defies time and place, fostering an immersive experience for listeners worldwide.

Musical Diversity in Motion

From Afrobeat to Jazz, Funk to HipHop, Dj Arystan’s repertoire is a melting pot of musical expressions that he has collected during his journey. The rhythmical diversity spans across Tropicalia, Rumba, Reggae, Dub, Soca, Balcan, Samba, Bossa, Cumbia, Electro, Compas, Beguine, Gnawa, Global Trance, Soukkouss, Coupe Decalé, and Afrobeatz becoming a worldwide global music mix.

Years of Musical Evolution

His DJing journey commenced in 1998, initially delving into hip hop, soul, jazz, and funk on vinyl records. Dj Arystan’s older brother, Dj Lbee from Trinidad & Tobago, played a pivotal role in introducing him to this realm. Transitioning to digital audio with the Serato system in 2009 expanded his musical horizons, incorporating a plethora of genres and styles accumulated over the years.

Arystan also offers DJ workshops, more information available here

Worldwide Global Music Mix Performance Highlights 

Spanning an array of occasions, Dj Arystan has spun tunes at diverse venues worldwide: from intimate gatherings to grand festivals, clubs, theaters, vernissages, and even weddings. Noteworthy venues include Art Escape Goa (India), New Fire Festival (Trinidad and Tobago), Operndorf (Burkina Faso), Sala Juglar, Sala Sirocco (Madrid), Festival WIM (Spain), Staatsschauspiel Dresden (Germany), Kukulida (Dresden), Valvola Orvieto (Italy), and many more.