Exploring Crisis and Rebirth: Filmmusic Composition Collaboration

Etrusco Caraibico, a collaboration with anthropologist and artist Emilio Berrocal, navigates the realms between fiction and documentary. I contributed with 2 tracks.

In the first track, we delve into the concept of crisis and the emergence of new pathways. The motif of rebirth through crisis, present in various cultural initiation rituals, is explored. I aimed to musically emphasize this transformative moment.

Creating Ritual Music: Exploring Etruscan Sacred Places

In the creation of the 2nd track, I engaged in a Filmmusic Composition Collaboration to evoke ritualistic tones for the sacred Etruscan sites in Italy. Employing the guimbri, a ceremonial instrument of the Gnawa in Morocco, formed the core of this composition. I utilized repetition, overtone and throat singing, along with additional recorded sounds like flutes and jew’s harp, accompanied by a gradual tempo increase, crafting a vivid and immersive musical journey depicting a ritualistic parkour.