Band coaching

  • I don’t know anything about instruments but would like to try some out, not on my own but with my friends. How can I do that?
  • How can I realize my musical idea, my self-written lyrics or a song from another band with my band? How can we achieve a crisper, more defined band sound? What arrangement options are there for my own songwriting? I have problems translating the right text passages musically.
  • My improvisational skills are somewhat limited, I would like to learn more about what else I could play and how.
  • I have no idea about creative processes and never get to finalize a basic idea.
  • What concert dramaturgy can our band take into account when creating the setlist? etc

The questions and problems in band coaching are many and varied. Arystan, Martin and Max are experienced music teachers and multi-instrumentalists, with years of experience as ensemble leaders and band members of various styles in the amateur and professional field. In an intensive course (weekend/project week) we can support your band, brass band or other formation in your rehearsal room, youth club, music club, school individually or as a team and start where the shoe pinches.

Instructors: 1 – 3

Duration: 1 day – 1 week

Level: complete beginner to semi-professional

Music education concept

We show 4 examples from the Kangoroo Band project, in which we were simultaneously confronted with different musical levels and personal needs and supported the rehearsal process in order  to realize the participants‘ own musical ideas but also to create pieces and moments in which the participants could improvise and try things out freely.

Methodologically, there are different approaches to dealing with personal ideas. Here is a selection of the different approaches.

Watch Composing a song together
Watch Own Text + Existing Chordprogression
Watch Fixed Arrangement
Watch Learning a Jam Track


Max describes the experiences they have gained with the long term band project Kangoroo Band (Dresden), the difficulties they have faced as band coaches and possible solutions they have fount.

Nina describes her experiences and her motivation, why she comes to rehearsals regularly and what personal significance the band has for her.

Watch Interview: Max
Watch Interview: Nina


The more time you have, the more you can work on album and video productions and the finer details. With our course concept we want to give new impulses and show possible solutions. Our repertoire ranges from a low-threshold programme for music beginners to semi-professional ensembles.

Watch Kangaroo Band (2022)
Watch Kangoroo Band (Last Album 2023)

We could imagine organising a project week where complete newcomers to music come together as a band workshop, as well as working together with existing ensembles of your institution or association. We would be happy to discuss what is needed in terms of content and and how we can shape it together.