Seminar of Thinking Tour

02 Jun 2017 Berlin, GER


Time : 18:30
Venue : Panke
Address : Gerichtstr. 23

Der aus Orvieto/Italien stammende Anthropologe/Denker/Rapper Dr. Emilio Berrocal der sich selbst als Etrusco-Kariber definiert, konfrontiert uns auf äußerst spannende kontroverse Art und Weise mit anthropologischen Perspektiven zu Problemen des Zeitgeschehens die in Gedanken und Ideen einen weiten Bogen spannen.

Er wählt hierbei das von ihm entwickelte Format der Lecture Show: Eine Mischung aus Vortrag und künstlerischer Performance.
Begleitet wird die Lecture Show von Live Loop Artist „ArYstan“.

Thema dieses Seminars: The Replacement Effect.
„This Lecture Show focuses on the digital as a form of communication and its relationship to thinking. As a form of communication, I argue that the digital brings into place a return of the senses of hearing and touch that writing, throughout modernity, has put aside. What does this return imply? I will answer: The Replacement Effect

Sprache: Englisch

BIO: Emilio G. Berrocal is an independent researcher. An anthropologist by training, he received a PhD from Durham University in 2013 with a thesis entitled ‘Boxing Obsession and Realness in London Rap: Racism, Temporality, Narcissism’. Previous to this, he conducted fieldwork research on hip-hop and black Italians in Rome for his Laurea Specialistica (MA) at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’. He is currently involved in research on audio-visuality, indigeneity and digital writing in the Anthropocene. He lives at the “Casolare del Pensare” in Central Italy, where he gives workshops and organises conferences on the theme of the primitive. He is the President of the cultural association “Seminario del Pensare/Seminar of Thinking” and delivers lecture-shows alongside an actor, Andrea Brugnera, and a musician, Arystan Petzold.