Music and Trance

The year 2010 was an important year for my personal and artistic evolution. A lot of things were changing, and I decided to concentrate my last year on Carl Maria von Weber Music University becoming an Ethnomusicologist and focussing on one topic: the question of how music is related to altered states of consciousness. I tried to read everything about the topic, ordered books from all over the world, just to understand what science has revealed about that mystic thing that mankind is confronted with since ever.


Live Looping

My whole liveLooping approach is deeply inspired by global cultures that uses cyclic music to get in trance/ecstacy. Since 2009 i wanted to do Live Loop Music. But propably before i needed a concept, so life brought me into a complete different dirrection. I dedicated a year doing research and fieldwork,


My goal was to understand precisely what these people are doing?


Gnawa Brotherhood

Theory is one thing, the practical part another. So i decided to travel to Morocco to meet the Gnawa Brotherhood of Essaouira, a lovely city at the atlantic coast. After 5 weeks of fieldwork I came back and started to work and work and work.  Propably on the intelectual level one of the most inspiring years of my short live. I would say, i really became an expert on that topic. My teachers were suprised, because I have discovered some new stuff related to the question how music is connected to altered states (Trance/Ecstacy) and of course, i understood so many things about human nature. You wanna know more about that……

just read and see –>  THAT BOOK  (click and download)

The Book is in german –> so google translator and go ahead



Since than i started to give workshops around Europe trying to inspire people on new perspectives on music and dancing. So if you wanna invite me. Don´t hesitate.

Hopefully we see eachother




2 thoughts on “Cyclic Music, Live Looping and Trance (my Ebook on that topic)


    This is awesome! I am also fascinated by this topic. I love your journey and I am so inspired by it. I was living in South Africa for two years and also connected with Trance in a big way. I was introduced to the Rasta Community and the Nyabinghi ceremony. I definitely went into a deep trance and ecstatic states. Thank you for your work 🙂 All the best!

    1. Arystan

      Niceone, happy to hear that. A bit late my answer, but better late than never – te mando todo mejor – abrazo

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